Dr. Candace Barrington

A success by any measure, Dr. Barrington is professor of English and president of the CCSU Faculty Senate. In addition to her teaching and administrative responsibilities, she pursues a rigorous array of scholarly opportunities. She remains humble about her achievements, however, and views her affiliation with the University as a privilege.

“I have a great job and wonderful students, many from the working class who are working themselves,” she says. “If I can contribute even a small amount to help our students with a scholarship, that’s something I’m eager to do. It’s a misperception to think that only wealthy donors contribute to Central. The bulk of support comes from people like us, people without enormous financial resources who make giving back to CCSU a priority.”

Dr. Barrington considers giving annually to CCSU “a good habit” and encourages others to do the same with a gift to Central.

Join Dr. Barrington today with a gift to CCSU—and start a really good habit. Thank you!