Greg Thelusma ’10

Greg, a marketing major, chose CCSU because his high school advisors recommended Central’s School of Business. This recipient of multiple scholarships also works as a management intern at Walmart to help finance his education. “You can drown in loans,” he says, “so every bit of money helps.”

Greg says he has benefited from small class sizes and good rapport with his professors. His involvement in the Marketing Club led to his logo design for the club’s T shirts, and his years in Carroll Hall have yielded “a cool bunch of friends.”

“Money in my family and community is really, really scarce,” he notes, “so any amount of scholarship assistance is greatly appreciated. If you invest in this generation, we’ll be able to give back even more.”

Greg plans to give back to CCSU when he successfully enters the business world after graduation. Please give your own gift today—online or by mail—to help keep Central strong. Thank you!