Jessica Cabanillas ’97, MS ’07

Jessica not only received two degrees from Central but also worked as an undergraduate in the Human Resources Department and as an alumna in the Diversity and Equity Department. Now serving as a budget analyst for the state of Connecticut, this successful graduate says, “It’s a challenging time and a rewarding position, but I dearly miss Central.”

International trips to Italy and China were valuable parts of Jessica’s CCSU experience. “They exposed me to the larger world,” she says, “and they contributed to the person I am today. Building on the experiences I had at CCSU, I try to travel to a new place every year.”

Jessica says she was fortunate as an undergraduate to have a four-year scholarship. “I have close ties to the University from studying and working there,” she says. “I got so much out of my experience. I feel it’s important to contribute so others can have similar opportunities.”

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