Commemorative Opportunities

At CCSU, commemorative gifts express our heritage and keep alive the memory of those who have helped make the University a center for educational success. A loved one, family member, classmate, professor, or friend can be honored through such a gift. Donors may be individuals, families, corporations, or foundations. When a gift commitment is fulfilled, a plaque or other appropriate commemorative designation will be displayed.

Commemorative opportunities include the following:

  • New buildings, auditoriums, offices, laboratories, classrooms
  • Public Safety Complex name
  • Elihu Burritt Library, Center for Academic Excellence in Athletics
  • Maloney Hall, Black Box Theatre
  • Parking Structure name
  • Student Center name, meeting rooms, Alumni Hall
  • Endowed Fund, Chair, or Coach’s Position
  • Outdoor Athletic Complex, Hospitality Pavilion
  • Facilities for football, softball, soccer, baseball, and basketball
  • Kaiser Hall training and academic centers, locker rooms, offices

For information, contact Chris Galligan, Institutional Advancement, at 860-832-1764 or